When you're browsing the levels it says for example 76 records, but when I add them all up (Normal + reversed + shoot + weapon + free) I only count 17. What's up with that?

Secondly on the toplist, what does it mean when it says records 187 / 189? (even says this when the filter is any run type / any strafe type)

The levels record counts are not unique at the moment :) I guess I could write xx records set like in the sidebar stats..

I'll write up a lot more details on all of this when stuff is "finalized". And if you hover the title, there's some more info.

Let's say it shows 100 / 110.

110 = total "unique" number of records this user has. Unique separates between strafestyle, runtype and mapname. So if you Set 2 records on the same map using different strafestyles, it counts as 2 records.

100 = how many records went into calculating the rank displayed. Here, you don't get extra points for having used different strafestyles, so if you set a time using fullbeat and another one using halfbeat, you'll only be scored for the fastest one. So players who have set records on the same RUNTYPE for the same MAP, with different strafestyles will have one or more of the records for that map ignored. Same goes if you have records that are cheated or deleted, these will also be exempt from the calculations :) And so on..

Again, this is a quick, and bad explanation. More info with illustrations is coming eventually :)

The record numbers for level are now unique, all levels have been updated :)

Is there a way to filter maps? For example looking for maps with weapon records sorted by amount?

Seems if you beat a map with 10 weapon records you get more points than beating 3 maps with 4 records.

not atm but its on the todo list.

And no that shouldnt be true, assuming by beat you mean get #1

See: https://projectrik.com/development/idea/21