Been thought of long ago, just a thread to collaborate and gather ideas for it. It will be implemented in the future. Will be a lot more of these eventually, is better than me just writing down quick notes on everything, this way people can contribute and make it better / etc...
Some quick thoughts on it so far via irc:
KittenIgnition: basically transfer all velocity info from one player to the next at a certain point in the map
KittenIgnition: have a picture in picture to see where the other player is
KittenIgnition: and make it super obvious where the switch will happen
lithz: he mentioned getting placed into spec when your mate is 'tagteamed'
e: note to myself, could do relay with e.g. two players where it first player1 starts, reaches relay #1, then player2 starts jumping and player1 gets teleported to relay #2, and so forth..
What does the other guy do while his teammate is jumping the first round? I wouldn't find it fun at all to stand still waiting for someone else to jump. I would scratch the idea of transfering velocity, and instead have relevantly big room/space where the other teammate could circle around or something for speed. Some compass-like feature showing the map and where players are, and you could time your circling perfectly. Then when both players are inside the same trigger, the change would happen.
This leans into more mapping dependant though, but it would still be better than to just stand still.

It's up to the mapper what the distance between relay points is, but between points you would just spectate the current runner. I'd say a comfortable distance between points would be around 10 seconds, which nobody should have a huge problem with. It really isn't an issue. It's as much of an issue as any gameplay quirks from any other game or game-mode.

I don't like the idea of other player having to just watch and wait. If you're playing this in public and your teammate is a noob, you'd die of boredom.
Built in (3d?) version of snake ala old nokia cell phones or other minigame, that the waiting player has to do while waiting. If he fails or something his teammate loses some speed or all speed or something..
I was thinking on more like something smaller jumps to do inside the trigger, something you could climb higher in the room and have a slope in the bottom. Basically the higher you could jump until your teammate reaches the trigger, the greater speed you would get from the slope when you go for it. Also with a little practice it could be mastered to jump from the high part and hit the slope just in time the first player comes in the trigger.
The solution is to not play it in public servers. Tons of games have gametypes that suck in public servers, without people you choose to play with. There's nothing wrong with that.
Waiting isn't going to happen. There's no reason whatsoever for the other player to just spec or wait when he could be doing something fun meanwhile.
Spectating your friends can be fun especially if it's a team effort. When you die in CS:GO do you play something else until the end of the round or do you spectate your friends, because your fate is in their hands?
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Hehe, good point :)
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What kind of fun stuff are you going to do for 7 seconds? It will distract you from what's going on and what's going to happen, and you won't make any progress on anything anyway.
There, now it's properly obvious XD
@HuPo: hat's exactly what they do in the olympics, they wait for their teammate to hit a "checkpoint" and then that's when they start running. They watch and wait for their mates.
For the record; this was w3sp's idea for a mode :p
That's the one major thing that has annoyed me in CS as long as I can remember. Spectating is ok AFTER you've done your part.
Jump? That's why you have radar of some sort where you see your teammate moving.
I was thinking on more like something smaller jumps to do inside the trigger, something you could climb higher in the room and have a slope in the bottom.
by huPo

 That would be entirely map dependent, not on a general basis.. Even if the default is to wait, you could build this jump-higher-thing in the "waiting area" and so on.. The relay points could be set to transfer the teammates speed or not I guess.

As for the waiting or not, can't really think of anything else that would be particularly good. I mean, paying attention to where your teammate is and when he's gonna reach you, and position yourself properly before he reaches you, imo seems like enough to do meantime
E.g. (with 2 players..)
1: player1 starts running and player2 is placed in relay point 1
2: player1 reaches relay point 1
3: player2 is allowed to start, depending on the relay point's setting he will keep the speed of player1 (?)
4: player2 is now running, player1 gets teleported to relay point 3.
5: player2 reaches relay point 3, and so forth...