Looking at the promo video and Piercy's map, I get the idea that the overall design for RIK is this "skyish/aerial/light" look.I was just wondering if that's what the game will be like or if other styles can be implemented.Ex: Medieval, Industrial etc.Seems that the same look will eventually get boring
I thoroughly enjoy the look of RIK, but I would like to see other designs indeed.
Yeah there will be other "themes". But not like medieval and industrial. Or well, maybe some slightly industrial-ish eventually. But "realistic" type of looks is generally a no-go. If we had a large team of professional 3d and graphics designers, sure. But the end result will just look pathetic in comparison to modern engines like UE4, Cry, Frost, etc. Which is something I'm trying to avoid by keeping things smooth, minimalistic and and relatively simple :)
E.g. something like this, slightly worn\etc box-styled maps, would be a thing: http://www.lunaran.com/page.php?id=218
I've been on this map before and its pretty.
You should note, im probably going to change my textures, as the more i work on it the more i dislike it.  However, if you compare it to the original that i remastered... its a million times better. I was basically lazy and just picked the base texture for everything lol. But the minimalist look is how i see Rik.
If it was up to me, I wouldn't change the theme ever. Mainly because with this simple theme you can still map great looking things if you simply put some thought in the process. But then also with these simple textures it wouldn't look so horribly bad if you don't have any eye for detail.
We are planning on having dev team look through every map before they are accepted to be playable in RIK. I personally hate seeing textures not properly in place. If we are to have proper textures and stuff, I would flunk every map that doesn't have all the textures correctly in place. Basically it would mean new mappers wouldn't ever get their maps through my judging. We all have seen enough ugly maps in defrag and such, and decided long time ago we don't want any of that eyecancer in RIK.
Maybe something like after proving your skills, you gain access to more advanced textures.
Well theme wouldn't be changed to something else entirely, it'd basically expand on the current simple theme, more or less. i.e. it wouldn't go into some rock-like ground texture or anything like that..