So, you're playing on a map and happen to fall off the platforms or whathaveyou.  Some maps have teleport triggers that teleport you back to a spawn point(that you can't see).  I just kindah thought of this, but for that situation I think it would be cosmetically appealing to have some sort of 'safety net' when there are teleport triggers. Might sound silly, but it will let you know if there are teleport triggers when you fall.  I'm sure some maps will just have kill triggers.  This really just has a cosmetic purpose.  Just laugh if you think its a silly/stupid idea.  Also, maybe something for kill triggers?
I'd just want the teleport sound to be about 500% quieter. That one time you don't hit ctrl fast enough and it blows your eardrums out.
hehe :D
There's no kill triggers, you can't die or be killed in any way in RIK, there's no health etc either.
Imo there's no point to any sort of visual thing, it would just be "cluttering". Especially seeing as all maps will be required to have some sort of a trigger there. Most, if not all run maps will simply use a respawn trigger on top of the bottom of the skybox. For other situations, like falling down on a floor where you can't get up from \ shouldn't be, there are "run abort" triggers, which stops the timer and depending on your settings, automatically loads your saved position. etcetc :)
more or less just a plasma looking field, could apply the texture to the trigger? border around the edges, but anyway just throwing out ideas before I'm gone.
Just get out on the street with a sign like this, problem fixed: (I'd change the name though)
Meh, you try getting kick out because roommate's pregnant girlfriend thinks she owns everything and can make the decisions.  I just hope my father can help me out here, I'll at least have some money for rent.  Probably just pitch a tent and cook meals over a fire. That doesn't sound so bad.
In what country do you live in?