In Half-Life, you can plant detonatable bombs in walls, that you can jump on top of and go to places. Similar could be done in RIK too, but should we do it and if yes, how would you like it to be?
My proposition would be some sort of a bow with an arrow-like object being shot to stick in walls/floor/roof, and it could be shot in angle so you could use it as a ramp if you'd like to. If it were to be just solid square hitbox everywhere, it could become very pointless because we already can gain height with walljumps and whatnot. Just like every other weapon, ammo could be limited by mappers to suit their needs. I personally think it could offer good change for the standard Quake weapons and it could open some new tactics in route planning.
Example picture of some sort:
Question is, would anyone else like to have this in? Also feel free to share if you have better idea to make this weapon work
So it's like the grappeling hook from Just Cause 2 when you hook 2 objects together? (Except you're the second object)
Youtube video

thats a different idea from hupo's i think

in the video you posted the car is attached to the plane with a rope
i think hupo's idea is to shoot the arrow, jump over/around it and then use it as a ramp instead of being pulled
in my opinion it's  a fun idea but the outcome might be very random if the arrow can land in different degrees
lets say you want to the arrow to be perfect for the platform youre trying to reach in your picture but theres alot of different inclines(right word?) possible

Could make it angle in steps so itd be more consistent. E.g. 25 45 70 90
Oh I understand now, the paint drawing threw me off. Why not just use a rocket launcher instead?
Oh I understand now, the paint drawing threw me off. Why not just use a rocket launcher instead?
by stealth


Have to say I can't come up with any arguments against this one.. :P

Because rocket launcher is seen weapon and overused. Also too easy to use. We need something new.
Rockets are in anyways, the point here was that it might be too similar in a lot of cases. I.e. the trick you'd do with the arrow or whatnot would be more fun\etc with the RL anyways..
It's somewhat similar to "stake jumps" in Reflex (watch from 1:00):
It could be useful for gaining heights (when walljumps are not enough) or tripple jump tricks (if they will be available). Could be fun i guess.