Like the title says, show here your work in level designing. Link to your existing maps, show screenshots or videos, anything to do with level designing. Doesn't matter which game it is. I shall not start it as I've never done any good looking map.

some shit defrag maps:


Look, spray inverting the first map I ever released, in 07 or so:
Youtube video
Wuttard doing the 2nd map I released (with zero):
Youtube video
Another map from 08 sometime:
And thanks to ranefire, we have my old defrag maps from 08...
(hands view:
and combined:
8th "Dinirun" map from TJmod AP in 09:
That's some of them at least, no idea how many other maps I've released though, mostly very quickly mapped ones and not really worth showing.. 
Oh shieet, I totally forgot there's youtube videos of my maps. Maybe the best one I've ever made:
DF maps:
nuko with mvn and spray:
Really? Not my video? Cunt.
This is the only coolish non-minecraft map I have at the moment, it's actually an attempt at copying a small area from Mirror's Edge - a training ground that is actually really good for freestyle and small runs. Recreating it as close to perfect as possible is not very easy.
Quality is worse in your video.

My APcup 2013 map wich everyone hated:

This is a re-do of my APcup 2011 map wich i was making for defrag, not barely finished
Also have another map is not worth uploading

At least I didn't cheat the main run :<
Heres a map I did ages ago for the AP Cup that Dinius was running.  It had good flow but was pretty sucky on the texture front.
Youtube video
And here it is reimagined in ProjectRIK.  Ill be doing a fill write up on the forums one day but for now you can take a look at these :).  The pics on this album don't show its finished state (although it is pretty much finished, just no pics of it almost finished). (29 pics in album) Image

From this

To this:
Looking forward to the writeup :P

Yeah, im looking forward to writing it up as well. I wanna get the map finished (i just need to work on a few tweaks towards the end, and those WJ textures). I also want to dig out my old map so i can take screenshots comparing the two rather than using someone elses replay.
Then ill do the write up :)
Will post up some of my work.
This map was deigned for the AP cup in ET that never actually took place (afaik?) - felt like designing a map for this and this is what I came up with:
The jump was based on another trickjumping map which I created called Tranquil. This was a Gamma based map rather than AP. I copied the same style and look from this map and used it for my AP jump.
Here is the Trailer for the release of my Gamma map - Tranquil, as well as the whole map being completed.   - Trailer   - Completed map
I've done other various maps, none of which I have screenshots of or were ever released, mostly just teaching myself things and learning how to map so they were pretty ugly! Anyhow, that's some of the work I've done.
Don't have warsow installed at this computer to show other work but found these screenshots on my dropbox from a map I made.
You managed to get some weird characters in the links rendering them broken. :)
Nice looking map anyway! working links:
Very familiar with your maps, they were quite popular in warsow. Dinirun5 was very annoying though because it had a very random part due to how inconsistent ceiling ramps worked in racesow. :)
Some are popular like Recapture and some others are just bad because of non-flexible routing like Crimzon.
Im realy bad when using radiant so i made what i could ^^
Ahh, thanks! Not sure how that happened.