Mostly everything game related is ready now, working on installer/updater at the moment. Will probably start sending around the last private alpha in a day or two :)

Sweet! Once thats tested are we going to be heading into public beta?

You know we're not. That's never happening. We're just dragging it out to annoy them. Oh.. wait.. Yes! Sure, definitely!

Will we need to sign up for an invitation again? Been keen to play this for months :)

Nah, will just send this one to a couple handfuls of people. Just to test that stuff actually works as expected. Then fix any bugs and then make it public So within a day or two after the alpha it'll be available in public beta. As long as there's no huge unforeseen issues that takes a long time to fix, which I hope there's not ;)

Awesome, I'll await public release

More updates..

Installer, updater, uninstaller, etc, are all finished now :)

Gonna spend some time testing them on some clean windows installs and so forth, and then some misc cleanups here and there and the last alpha is ready.

I'm lurking & waiting

Will share it tomorrow :)

Everything was looking very good but then ran into a minor bug when changing maps on servers. Will fix that tomorrow morning and then send it around.

nicee! As info for everyone, Dinius sent me a copy of the installer today (although it had old game files in, no new beta for me yet!) and that was all working well. So yeah things are defo coming along, very excited.

edit: just jumped about on one of the servers, seems the records are working :D

Bug is fixed now :) And another small thing I forgot server-wise. So updating the servers, uploading the changed files, and run a final test. Then ready :)

Aaand it's out. The final alpha, that is. So if there's not too many issues and so on, we'll go beta in a day or two :)

Now if only you people didn't insist on sleeping in on sunday mornings.. :P