Hello March :)

I'm going to spend some more time working on the website than previously planned.This basically means moving away from WordPress as the 'system' for the website. The main reason for this is to implement a vastly more sophisticated (and extremely high performing) caching system than wordpress has to offer. It's not like this is an issue at the moment, or will be any time soon, but since I'd rather make it “properly” from the start rather than having to do a lot of the work twice when we'd actually start needing the added performance.

So, this basically means a couple more weeks until the next alpha. So sorry for that, but it just means it'll be all that much better when it does come :)

That being said, the record system itself is roughly 80% done at the moment, so most of the stuff is in place. But the whole moving away from wordpress presents quite a bit of extra work. Already did it with the forum, will now have to do it with everything else as well. So be patient a little while longer. Am working on stuff with basically every free minute I've got, so give it a couple of weeks or so.

Will post news on the forum as well as the main page from now on :)

Need a new update, it's been a few weeks & easter holidays just ended over here so getting impatient...

How do I edit a post?

Just realised that you can see how many maps somebody has made by clicking on their profile and if you haven't made any it says "Levels: Too lazy to make levels" :D

Made me notice that you've made 36 maps which is 6 times more than Hupo (2nd place). I'm going to go ahead and assume that the next stage is done and you needed maps so people have a reason to stick around and test it?

According to the forum time is counted in hours and <1 hour doesnt exist.

hehe :D Yeah it's a bit overdue for a status update,

@1hour, Yeah I Know. (It's a DST issue that magically appeared some time in March in the version running here). I haven't updated this website's code in ages now, working on the "dev" version of it which is miles ahead. But there's no reason to push it out before everything is ready. :) Also unsure of the status of user-post editing on this version of the forum, new one has a ton of improvements/fixes.

Current status, is that most of the .. "major" things are finished. Some work on the website is still remaining, mostly relatively smaller things. But many small things still build up to become a bit of work.

The mapping is mostly if I've been too tired to work on any code, or just as a sort of breaks in-between coding stuff :) And as you say, the maps are needed as well.

Current TODO before release:

  • Game direct map downloading, filesystem updates, etc (working on this right now)
  • RIK <-> Website communication for records (the website API is mostly finished, the game code is not)
  • Finish the last part of the website's rankings system. The whole thing is basically in place, but still needs some adjustments and user-friendly-ness improvements etc :)
  • Clean up \\ improve the ingame record stuff a bit (Started on this a couple of days ago, some work left)
  • The "Play" page -> server overview + misc. Very easy stuff.
  • Installer, updater, etc. These are already pretty much done, but they need some fixing and updates towards the new website system. Not to mention some real world testing.

So yeah, nothing "Major" remaining imo, but still some stuff. I'm going to abstain from giving time estimates :P

(If you're familiar with github, bright green ones go up to around ~10 commits or so, each square represents a single day since February.)


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