Just released 1236, featuring the "test level" system. When you upload a level now, you can check the box for "This is a test level" and it'll be instantly playable, but only on the testserver (now on the bottom of the serverlist). Records are not tracked for these servers.

You can upload pretty much anything, doesn't even have to be compiled with lights. The new RIKdev version will also package levels that has only been quickcompiled.

Nice , like this .

I think the test server might be down.

edit: it just showed asda on there so could be just me..

edit2: It was my work firewall, blocking spammy IP's. All fixed now.

If it goes down, rather find out if it could be some uploaded map causing it.. Any server will just reboot in < 10 minutes if it goes down so no worries there.. :)