Can you (the devs) create a command for turning left and one for turning right?

In surfs u use this keys because ur mouse is to slow for some movements (left/right), with these keys u can still -> smoothly/perfectly <- turn left right...

I know I could make a sensitiv-change-key for the mouse, but then I get dirty movements... with a turn-right/left-key its a perfeCt turn with a acceptable speed...

Will this be able in projectrik?

PS: The "power" of both movements is combined:

mouse left turn + turn left key = one combined power

I know its hard for the engine, its like two mouses...

Nope. THIS is disabled on purpose ;) I know it's widely used in CS.

is it cheating if I would use it (realized with extern tools)?

Yes. Although not enforced at the moment, but in the future yes.



I dont want to be a cheater, I didnt use it...

And if I have a mouse which can change the dpi and would use it? (I did already :()

If you can't change DPI then I think everybody's fucked. ;)

Will write up rules on some later point.

You can of course switch your sensitivity or DPI by any method you want.

But using another program of any sort to actually do the mouse movements (like +left etc) is not allowed.