How's the leg?

Any updates on RIK2?

I noticed that there is only 1 server now instead of 4?

Hey, what are you doing here so soon? It's only been like 4 months! ( :p

@leg: pretty good, can't really turn while walking on it good yet but in a straight line it works.

@servers: I shut down the Australia and Germany servers first. Then I shut down the US one a couple weeks ago as well. Just due to lack of activity really, there was basically no records set on the US server and it was hardly ever used. Same goes for the maptest server, that one was prepaid for one year and there hasn't been a testmap since December. So no point throwing money at extra servers if there's no activity to remotely justify it. The NL one will stay up indefinitely though :)

@rik2: Was never planning on actually starting rik2 until the fall, i.e. October or something along those lines. This due to the other project I am currently working on. That project is definitely going to be done before August is over. Buuut, I've recently gotten another project in mind as well, which I think I want to do before I do rik2. I was planning on posting an update once I knew more specifics about this though, and I still will. Right now, I think it will go something like this:

  1. Finish the current project I'm working on (I.e. Finished before end of august)
  2. START on the second project (not rik2) and see how that goes, i.e. spend 2-4 weeks on it. (I.e. I'll know specifics before end of September)
  3. Decide on how to proceed.

This second project, I'm not sure how much work would be needed, or if it's even truly feasible, hence the uncertainty. So that could go one of two ways. One, I put the project on ice (for whatever reason) and get started on rik2 some time in September. Or two, I end up wanting to finish the second project as well, in which case rik2 will most likely be delayed a few months at least, I'l post more details about that if this turns out the be the case. WHEN I get started on rik2 I'd estimate somewhere around 3 months before a "pre-release" alpha type thing that you guys can play around with :) (I.e. the basic physics of what I'm planning in place and so on)