Just pushed out version 1222, pretty much just minor fixes from 1220.. Some of the stuff fixed:

  • A client-crash bug due to some characters in chat.
  • Checkpoint-teleporters work when not in a run as well.
  • Don't show the "respawn" message when teleporting.
  • Fixed "main menu" exit button and allow ESC to be used to open console when not connected as well.
  • Fixed problem when going "free-mode" spectator after following someone, where you'd get some random view angles.
  • Allow noclipping and loading when doing reversed runs.
  • Fixed some flickering for shootpoints where they'd overlap with other surfaces.
  • Adjusted the vsync warning a bit.

And the last day has been amazing as far as mapping activity goes. Great work people, keep it up! ;)


Honor this guy!

He worked in the night :O


Good job, Dini. Thanks <3 Thank you guys for all these new maps too, appreciated :)

On the topic of noclip is there a way to increase your speed in noclip mode? It's way too slow atm for testing maps imo.

There is a command for noclip speed, unfortunately I don't remember it any longer. I recall in some prealpha version pressing some of the mouse buttons to adjust the speed.

right click should increase it exponentially. However, i believe the up and down arrow keys adjust it in a linear pattern too.

there's a typo in 'next-map' trigger at the end of the 'Walljump' tutorial - 'genessi' instead of 'genesis'. dunno wether it's worth a separate thread. let me know if i should post it separately.

@Nitrogen Dinius is aware of it but just forgot to fix it

@Noclip: up\down arrows change "player_noclipscale" which is the "start" speed for noclipping. Holding right mouse (+cmd_special) while noclipping will speed you up.

@Genessi bug: Yeah, I'll write it down this time. I've forgotten it like 20 times now. :mrgreen: