Just pushed out version 1225, with a temporary fix for the "laggy" behaviour that a few people have experienced, and that pretty much everyone experienced in xt4zy's new map. Want to point out that it's not the map's fault, it's a bug with the game that becomes way more noticeable when there's a lot of details and such.

This new version fixes the problems I was able to reproduce, but let me know if it's not 100% fixed yet. It's a bit of a temporary fix, so a permanent one will be implemented in the future if this seems to work for everyone.

On another note, we've had a bunch of new levels today. Again, great work :mrgreen: Pcpie and xt4zy with their second levels, adamllis with his first for RIK, and Zad with his first one ever! ..And Di3s with his second one yesterday. Image

Awesome. The new maps look cool.

Award for most creative: xt4zy

Award for most improvement: Di3s

Not sure if my sarcasm meter is broken. Anyway, keep on making them maps.

Keep on making an awesome game!