Mostly some misc fixes in this release. The improved trigger handling should help a lot when playing with high ping, for the cases where e.g. a checkpoint wouldn't register. There's also some very experimental code for the shootpoint prediction, this will be cleaned up / improved relatively soon. See the changelog for more details :)

+ Good news! I'm starting work on the circuit gametype now!

Read more about circuit here:

And as often is the case, we've had some new levels! There was a 10 day streak going there with one or more level updates every day, nice!:mrgreen: Sooo while I work on the circuit stuff I expect you guys to beat that streak! (zad, di3s, stealth, pcpie, piercy, mindi, ronsu, haber, adam, xt4zy, I'm looking at you! >:D I'd look at huPo too but he'll probably just stare back).Image