when i go to open Single Player or Online mode for ProjectRIK it simply says that the file(as named above) vertexLighting_DBS_Entity cant compile fragment....

Im not sure what to do as ive tried un-installing and re-installing the program and it simply says ProjectRIK was successfully downloaded, but it wont let me on.

I was looking really forward to this game as im a fan of Trick Jumping and Bhopping games.

Please reply ASAP, thanks, Kaz.

what operating system? 64 or 32 bit? How much ram? What graphics card? Laptop or desktop? Then we might be able to help more :)

Its an AOC, Desktop PC, im having to use intergrated graphics :(, im pretty sure its 32 bit. I know all of this is shocking and im getting low fps on games such as CoD 4. ;3

> It runs on Windows

it's likely the integrated graphics card that's stopping you playing . The game requires open gl version 3 and above ( I think it's 3 and above might be a specific version of 3) .mi know the support for open gl on integrated cards is not good.

https://projectrik.com/forum/critical-error (exactly same)

https://projectrik.com/forum/critical-error-3 (almost same)

But yeah. It's like Piercy says, the graphics card you're trying to run it on, doesn't support it. So until we lower the requirements \ fix the compatibility issues there, you're probably gonna need a dedicated graphics card. Given, it doesn't have to be a particularly good one. Performance requirements are quite low.

Laptop user here. Is there any news on when will the compatibility issues will be looked into? Would really like to get jumping.

Hey :) Naaa, I haven't really done any more thinking or planning on the subject. But to reference my favorite link: https://projectrik.com/docs/roadmap

In short, the reason I'm not prioritizing this is that, even if I were to fix the issue so that the game did in fact load, there's a fair chance it would, in many cases at least, suffer performance-wise without implementing some additional improvements in that area as well. And then we're talking a serious amount of work, which at this point, doesn't make sense. :)

On a completely non-related note, here's some nice reading which doesn't require decent opengl3 support: http://www.techspot.com/article/982-building-a-pc-... I particularly like #5 and #6 :p