I'm not sure if it's a bug, but after some playtime on a map, i experienced a strange behavior.
After respawn i started facing the same direction as before the "kill".
Before respawn:
Oh, and I should mention I started having this behavior after i did "/map_restart".
I've also noticed one more bug but I can't reproduce it at the moment:
- After respawn on one of the tutorial maps, the world disappeared (hud was showing normally) and when i started jumping, it appeared again but it was only visible when i was in the air (after i touched the ground, it disappeared again, showing only light blue color).
I will report more if I find any more. :)
BTW. Great job with the game so far! I'm having so much fun :)
What's your player_loadViewAngles? Setting it to 1 makes the view reset on respawn/load.
EDIT: Apparently it happens after map_restart even with player_loadViewAngles
@same direction after spawn, I'll see if I can reproduce it later on. Haven't tried a map_restart in ages. There are some fallbacks so you'll always save the spawn position, but could be I forgot to re-save the view angles somewhere..
E: you can use e.g. the "Ctrl" key to save\load your position, so you don't have to respawn and walk to your starting position every time. Click it once to load your position, hold it for a bit to save it. (\cmd_load and \cmd_save works as well, bound to mouse side buttons by default if you have those)
@world disappearing: Yes, it's known\old bug. Used to happen like 1 out of 10 times or so on sp1_easy\medium\hard\extreme when you loaded from one room to another. It's fixed for the loading (ctrl or mouse side buttons) but I'm no so sure I did anything to fix it for the respawning. So will just have a look at that as well :)
Thanks, good to hear :mrgreen: