So, whats up? Ive heard theres something with the textures and maps getting insanely big?

Would love to play some of the old maps i know

Dont know what you're on about with the insanely big part. But there are many sides to this. First off, the conversion done between wsw/other mods is, strictly speaking, probably not legal. And for rik they would need to be retextured anyways. And so on.. Long story short, I've ok-ed a few q3 conversions (mainly a few pornstar ones because I got tired of saying no, and I know he'd be ok with it). +I dont want this to be "yet another place" with just the same maps, which it would essentially become if the 10k-ish df maps were converted.

But straight up conversions is something I discourage. If there are some maps you want in rik I really think doing what Todimus did with aurora-skyscraper is the way to go if you dont want to remake it from scratch. I.e. remake some parts, adjust others, copy a few if need be, so it becomes a map that works good. Also, I've actually remade a few q3 maps under easy/normal names from memory, with some adjustments/changes, so that works too.

+ if you have something in mind, give names, could be I or other people might do a remake or some sort of conversion, dont know if you do any mapping yourself.

i get what youre saying with the legality. a lof ot maps have pictures and mp3's looping which could be a problem. but open source textures and maps should be fine, legally speaking. if we were to use .. say... one of thd's (lol) maps, strip out the porn and mp3's, plus the pictures of his cars (lol this guy), the map itself should be usable here, correct?

but as for not turning into "yet another place where the same maps are played" ... the maps are tried and proven, at least the more popular ones. pornstar, bardok etc.. there's a reason why they're popular. hell, even some of your maps would be fun to try.

playing those maps and seeing how the new mechanics handle them is cool imo. suddenly its feasable to skim a bunny part and shave a few seconds off (wasnt possible in wsw). for example compare koz24 in q3df to wsw. its insane

Oh here we go again... No, no and no. There's already like 5 games full of df maps, RIK doesn't need to become one. Granted there are many good maps in defrag, but we've already played them. Time to make new stuff and move on. It doesn't take more than few hours at max to make a good map in RIK. No point to convert some old map that doesn't offer anything new, and doesn't even have gameplay suitable for RIK.

On a different note, absolutely not related.. how can i import q3 bsp's and make em into original rik maps?

Well rik uses doom3 .map format, so you gotta decompile the q3 bsp, convert the resulting .map to a (q3tod3gui or something iirc), and then open THAT map in rikradiant and fix textures, entities, etc.