If you’re not on the list and you want to be, post below and include:

  • Assuming you’ve played similar physics before, where do you come from? (q3\df, wsw, et, …)
  • Mapping experience? yes/no?
  • Any other info \ reasons you should get it.. :P

This list is for the next major alpha release, where:

  • Tutorials etc will be mostly finished, will be useful with feedback and ideas for improving them.
  • We will need to test online gameplay with more than a couple players at a time. Online still needs some opimization + bugfixes to be awesome.
  • Models and proper record system will not be finished yet, hence no team based stuff yet.

Release will be some time in December, around Christmas maybe :) Though maybe sooner.
Basically, anyone who can contribute with anything (mapping or otherwise) or anyone relatively known from other communities like defrag, warsow, etc, will generally be accepted :)
Also, if you're not accepted right away, it doesn't mean you won't be..

Currently accepted 

oranje (when ctf is a go, need models first, so maybe next alpha?)
kairos (mapper)
wut (ET poltard)
KittenIgnition (mapper)
yotoon (mapper, somewhat competent at vq3 :roll: )

Theodorus aka the dear ninja.



Exosum (tmsk)


(the list is just split up for better readability)


Also, either send me a message here (click my name, then contact) or at admin@projectrik.com with some contact details like Skype or something, if not I'll just send you a download link to the email you registered with / a message to your accounts here when the alpha is ready.

I'm a mapper! I play lots of CPM and VQ3! I've been around for nowhere near as long as anyone else on that list!
Oh, kitty maps?
Yeah so it seems, kewl.

I play mostly vq3.
Mapper? Yes.

You probably know me from q3df :)
I would love to have a look see.
Aye. added. :)
Believe me, I've made a shitton more maps than Worldspawn says. Mostly stupid experimental stuff, but I know Radiant, q3map2, and Defrag's entities pretty well.
Hi! I've been defraging quite actively for about a year, mostly cpm :)
I'd like to try this project and be able to help developing it.
Hey, well I've played a lot of Quake, not much Unreal Tournament, a lot of Xenonauts, a lot of Xonotic, had a lot of fun with the early days of shootmania (when instagib was the main mode) , and warsaw had a nice movement system so i played around with it for a while, and overall i just love playing quick one shot one kill game modes with satisfying precise aiming and controls, and this one is looking like the one. Hope i get in :)
For those who get accepted, I'd like to mention the importance of actual feedback. We've had several testers before who didn't give any real feedback, only saying it's buggy shit or that it looks great. That doesn't help us in any way and actually only slows the development. I guarantee that useless testers will be remembered.
Will do captain! as far as I'm concerned I'll be focusing my feedback on the movement, controls, maybe level designs, and bugs if i happen to know one.
do you have restrictions for mappers like:
-length/duration of the map
-gameplay in the map

1: Nah, not really, maps of like < 3 seconds or so generally wouldn't be accepted I say..

2: Nothing in particular, but .. obviously bad things is.. "discouraged"? :D I.e. if you'd map just to create awful or buggy stuff on purpose.

3: We're sticking to the basic "style" of the other maps, additional colors or trims and so forth can be added to the actual game files and not on a per-map basis. But we're keeping it simple for now. So you're free to make patterns and designs and so forth with those textures. But again, anything that .. basically hurts your eyes probably won't be accepted :P This is the biggest and only so far actually determined restriction.

Nothing else I can think of really.. :)

Not much shooting and/or killing in this game, I should think.

i'd like to apply then, you know me(ninjadeer) but heres my trickjump experience:

i have played VET a lot, made some maps for AP(wich were bad but i can do better :P)
im fairly good in both, would say im one of the better AP players
i also played some vq3 and cpm but not nearly as much as ET trickjump

Not much shooting and/or killing in this game, I should think.
by KittenIgnition

 Well if not the killing, then i just do love the one shot it has going for

Oh, hey, sure, added :)
I am trickjumper from W:ET, I don't think that someone would remember me, since I was playing mostly original maps / runs. I had some good runs/results but since original maps aren't that popular I can't boast very much. My other passion was Hide'n'Seek, I spent so much time catching people on the roofs in Dubrovnik. My previous nickname was TmsK.

I don't have much experience in mapping (I did one small map very long ago).

I loved trickjumping, but its pretty dead in these days. New trickjumping game with updates, large community, features, rankings etc. would be really great. :)

Remember the name ;)
I have experience with every Quake from 1 to 3 +QL +CPMA, and even a tiny bit of Q4. Played warsow as well. No mapping experience,but I'm eager to write about the game.
Sounds good, but there's the writing about part which makes me think it's better to wait until the next (next) alpha release, where the multiplayer part etc will be more tested.. :p

e: added :)
I've played W:ET, Warsow and I tried defrag a few times. I have mapping experience. If there's a free spot I'd would mind trying the game. If there's a better candidate I'll wait for the next wave.
Added :)
I am a Mapper, Pixel artist, 3D modeller, and the theme you are going for is my favorite!

I have played a bit of wSw, I play a lot of cpma, I play Pq3 some times, and I played defrag a bit as well. I know how the physics work for the most part. (oh and I bought Reflex and played with its editor as well and jumped a lot).

Here is my website: www.blarget.org
I have experience in multiple level editors, octatree and BSP alike.

Fun Fact: one of my best friends from the Descent community (old space ship 1994 game), was the music producer for warsow. We hanged out and made descent mods together all the time. Sadly he has passed away though. I miss him.
Added :)
Added some info to the end of first post.
Looks live you have no racesowian yet.

I am Swee4T. I have been racing since 0.4 wsw (2008). I had been playing df active but i just like racesow more. However I am still playing df sometimes. Currently i got a (bit) inactive - just like the rest of the racesow com because of wsw. 1.5 and no racesow support - 

Ive done 4 or 5 maps. But tbh I am not a very good mapper tho my last maps were pretty play and enjoyable.
I mostly like playing with weapons or finding creative routes which mostly require tech skill (and imagination :D

btw: you should ask Rust7 for maps.
I used to love Descent a lot. It's been huge inspiration to me in any design. I hope you can produce something close to descent design in the future :)
Added :)
by Dinius

 Thanks :)

Added :)
Is he still active though? Have the impression that r7 & co are mostly occupied with other stuff these days..
Rust7 is still alive, he joins servers sometimes, but I haven't paid attention to his map output of late. He definitely has not left though. At least as of a few weeks ago.
Another racesowian here :) I'm ale (or QaleQ) I'm the current top player in racesow, or MGXRace, as it goes by nowadays.
I've played for about 2 years now, and since then I've been a big part of coming up with ideas to evolve and improve the game. I've been the go-to-guy for the various devs the game has had since I've been around. No mapping experience, unfortunately. But, I would devote much time and effort to help out in any way I can!
Added ;)
Despite the lie about being the top player, you look like #2 to me! :P

Woohoo! :)
Hehe, the "skill" calculation is horribly inaccurate on the current site, a way more appropriate skillcalculation, which base skill on average points per maps finished, instead of points per maps seen, looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/qrXkEVY.png :)

Sure sure, blame the system.. :lol: But yeah, good to have you on board, I have a feeling you could be 'useful' :P
ale really is a top player. Also he came up with many suggestions, feedback, improvements.
That are all no lies. But we just havent devs to fullfil his (ours) dreams/suggestions.

You really better dont take him easily. He will be telling you thousand of things :D
Hehe, sounds good to me :)
better candidate than stealth? pls
Coming from ET and defrag.
Made a few shitty maps for defrag ( http://ws.q3df.org/maps/?map=&au=arca.fi )
Up for testing whatever it is you're going to call the vq3-esque physics.
You know me.
You only gots to login to view development threads :) And yes, I do.. :P
Tried and couldn't view any without logging in.
Oh, hmz, weird, Looking into it..
E: I think you might have just had bad luck with your clicks, seeing as most threads atm are in the development section. If you try e.g. the level design thread by hupo or the 'It's alive' in news you should be fine.
Also, is wut who I think it is?
By the sound of it, yes. Wuttard, the polish guy from ET.
So no, I was thinking Shio.
Added some clarification.
You're exactly one of those useless testers I mentioned above. You don't know how to give feedback, nor have you actually played any game for any other purpose than chatting in the latest 5 years. Nope, will not be accepted.

@Dini: haha xD
I truly hope you don't plan on implementing a pionts/skill system that penalizes you (heavily) for forgetting to close the game before you go out! :P

@Swee4T: Most of my ideas have indeed become reality, Swee4T. So I'm not sure what you meant by that :P Anyway, I appreciate the comment :)


I'm a terrible quake 3 defrag player, but no mapper.
I suppose you know me if you played defrag online.
I'd really like to check out projectRIK =)


Added. But if you lose dfwc to Arcaon you're out! :lol::p
Haha, I'll make sure he won't!

good at quake 3 defrag lol

Yeah some people just don't have any modesty what so ever..
I'm an old fart from the Quake scene who's been playing on and off since '96. I was around when the oldest Q3 defrag community started, and I enjoy the movement physics in Quake. I'm familiar with the id Tech engines (1-4). This game looks and sounds interesting to me, and I'd like to try it out, for science. Unfortunately I don't have  any mapping experience.
I am. If youre rank 1 at dfwc and say ''good'' you can call it being modest



I don't think calling yourself good at anything is being modest. Plus you're only rank 1 cus I'm focusing on vq3, obviously.
What's your actual nationality btw? You're changing flags all the time! :p
Ill change it

Which ranking are you guys getting this #1 stuff from btw?


ot all demos have been validated so need to wait for the standings to update.. Bazz will be rank one when they've updated.
Yeah already talked to him, I thought you were thinking overall rankings and not dfwc :) (which is sth df doesn't have afaik)

Science, you say?


Anyways, added.. :)

Hi, I'm Timothy aka usf.
I am one of the most talented and gifted players in both defrag and ET.
I would love to be a part of the alpha/beta release and share my invaluable insight when it goes live.

edit: I don't know anything about mapping.
I kinda thought it was understood that you'd get it anyways... But if you want to be the list then sure why not!
E: you forgot 'one of the most modest'
I've played a bit of Quake 3 and Warsow, got to the point where I could do pretty good runs around maps but never really practiced too much. Recently found my love of jumping again with some CSS and TF2 servers but I'm looking to try something purely dedicated to it to improve my skills and have a real go at it!

As for mapping I've made a few maps Source's Hammer Editor but nothing released to the public. Wouldn't really classify myself as a mapper, but I have the basic skills.
I don't see why anyone would recommend r7 as a mapper (edit: mean to complete this sentence with: for a game in it's early stages!). 99% of his mapping track record consist of 2-4 second maps. Those kinds of maps hardly appeal to the majority.
We have two highly skilled and innovative mappers in Warsow, however (pneu and futstone). I'll try to get them over here.
It's true he has some very short ones, but I wouldn't say 99% at all.. I don't know how many percent it would be, but he surely has made more "normal length" maps than most others..
Hello Adrian (aDrlol, MASTAH) from defrag, played alot of wsw,quake3 and quakeworld etc.

Mapping aint my thing. Boom <3
Added :)

Nailed it.
Played: W:ET, defrag + other cool games
Mapping: Some, nothing released
ET and defrag player.
I have made some maps but let's pretend that I can't map since most of my creations have been rather horrendous.
hehe :D
Added :)

Aww... You even spelled the name correctly :)

I know <3
Didn't copy it from old tjme records page or anything. :p
So, no? :p
So, no? :p
by Dinius

He wants in, he just thought he was getting ignored when you replied to asda but not him :d

I've known asda for .. I dno, years :p Hence the quick add.
I wrote in my first post that just coz you're not added right away doesn't mean you won't be, so he's not being ignored. But I know his name from somewhere, I just want to figure out from WHERE first :p

He said he knew you from ET :3

Ah, right, added! :mrgreen:
v57 +button3
I was in eT with you for some time before you left for another game, but that was a very, very long time ago. I also play warsow.
I feel out of place here, but I've played Urban Terror for four years, so, similar physics but also considerably different. I've also played Red Eclipse and Xonotic off an on for some time now.

I'm not a mapper, unfortunately, but I'd like to be able to provide feedback because this looks like a really exciting project.
I'd honestly recommend rust7. He has a style that'd suit the rik movement style pretty well in my opinion. The 2-4 second maps are due to the shortcut-ability of his defrag maps in warsow. But getting pneu on board is a must.
It's true he has some very short ones, but I wouldn't say 99% at all.. I don't know how many percent it would be, but he surely has made more "normal length" maps than most others..
by Dinius

 Might have been an unfair percentage, yes! Looking through the maps he's made that i haven't played shows he's actually made quite a few longer maps aswell. My bad! Might be that the guy that uploaded most r7 maps we have on the warsow servers had a preference toward shorter maps. :3
On a sidenote; I'm a big "short map" buff, so I'd love to see some of those in RIK aswell, just thought we'd wanna start off with adding some more generally appreciated maps :d


v57 v57 v57

If applications are still going ahead - would love to apply - been a fan of trickjumping since ET days and would love to be able to test the game. From what I've seen of the trailer, looks awesome already. 

I have basic experience with mapping - released 1 map for ET relating to trickjump and done other various trickjump maps which were never released.

Look forward to the release of the game and best of luck with it!
Hey! karl (also known as weqo) here. Been a fan och trickjumping since '97, starting with quakeworld. Played a lot of cpma and ra3, also played defrag back when it was released. Since 2007 I've played racesow as a "top player" and profiled as an active member of the racesow community, contributing with code to the mod and released a few maps.
In. Your map designs are already very similar themed, so I think you'd have no problem making maps for RIK, and our simplified look on the maps.
Awesome - Yeah I like the clean look and style of these types of maps, the only problem I'd have would be balancing jumps for the more skilled jumpers since this style of jumping wasn't exactly my strong point!

Thanks though, looking forward to helping out.
I'm amazed how almost no one has linked any of their previous work with their application, even though it's rather normal procedure to do so. More than likely even the most basic level mappers would get in, so there's no need to hide your previous work for the reason of thinking you aren't capable enough. It would only speed up the progress for us to see who are the most experienced mappers, so in future if we need assistance with something we'd know whom to ask.
Hi. I would really love to help you guys test. I have some basic mapping experience with radiant, but I haven't released any maps. I used to trickjump on ET, on both AP and normal physics. Looking forward to helping you test this wonderful project!
Added :)
Added :)
Ok I'm closing the "open signups" now, got more than enough people for this time around. Any older dfers want a go give me a shout at IRC or something :)