Most notably, the multi-pad-crouchslide is back (was possible in some early alpha versions). The compiler has had some bugs fixed, and should perform better now. Check out the changelog for more info on that.

There's also been some changes to the website. You can view records for older versions of levels. Have a look here for an example. Also, all the levels now have difficulty ratings, like this. I'll incorporate that stuff in the vote map random command soon as well :)

And when you finish a run, it'll save a copy of that demo now. At the moment it does this after you load. And so on.. :)

some really cool new features :)

And now also released 1238 with ingame top10 record display, etc..

Nice features, especially the 1238 one saves a lot lc effort always had to view records from the website goodnjob :)

Keep up the good work!