We passed 10000 records set today! :)

As for the update, there's a lot of misc stuff in this one. A lil summary:

  • You see the non-wasd keys by the crosshair when spectating.
  • Proper/advanced pushes! (i.e. jumppads and alike)
  • Some nice stuff like jump speed history, and speed graph. Both of these are pretty much in a temporary state, until I figure out some nice way of displaying them, or something along those lines.
  • Shared ranks for identical times have been enabled.
  • Some additions to the ingame scores (your own time if you're not in top10, and the average time)
  • Fixed some minor walljump bugs.

Details: https://projectrik.com/development/changelog/1242

And of course, some new levels have been released since last time! :)Image

Nice! Too bad my mouse got broken, so I wont play for a few days :(