First version of circuit is released, together with a bunch of other fixes and such, have a look at the changelog for more details.

A short explanation of how circuit works. There's 2 modes, circuit and battle circuit. Circuit works just like a normal run, except that instead of doing reversed and free runs, you do triple and hot runs. Triple is going from a standstill and 3 laps. Hot is any single lap that's not the first or the third one, which means you can jump in circles for as long as you want to get as fast a hot lap as possible.

If you start a battle circuit game, you and the other players in the game compete to finish X laps first. You can vote to start a battle circuit game on any server running a circuit map by doing /vote battle <number of laps>. /vote battle would start a 3 lap battle, while /vote battle 10 would start a 10 lap battle. (10 is the max atm). Any player who votes yes to this vote, will be included in that round. Everyone else can keep jumping like normally. Battle circuit players can interact with each other, by shooting rockets, using pickups, blocking, and so forth.

Pickups are random things you pick up, that you can use to your advantage. Currently you must bind a key to +cmd_use and click that, or hold +cmd_special and click shoot to use a pickup. While doing normal circuit the pickups will always give 2 rockets.

I've released two maps so far (circuit1 and circuit3), I have another one ready as well, and 2 other rehashes of run maps which are almost ready. Will upload them in the coming days. :) Circuit3 is a lot easier and shorter than circuit1.

Post whatever bugs you encounter here, or in the development section..



And we've had many new maps since last time I summarized! :DImage

Congratulations on creating a new game type in FPS genre!

You did an amazing job with this :)

Circuit 1 is a really well made map! I like both the design and gameplay, havent tried the battle mode yet tho :D

good work since last update )) WELL DONE ! ! !Image

Simply amazing.

Love circuit1, so many possible routes to try.

The racing mode is a cool feature. Playermodels would be cool for this :D

Pushed out 1250 now, which should fix the most important stuff :)

It's getting quiet around here.

Yez, muchos quietos.
Activity here though:

I'm working on sth "big", will give some more info when it's a bit more done :)