Created a very basic "tutorial" late last night. Will release the map this weekend. At normal speed this is done in 10 minutes or so. I messed around a bit to try to show some misc radiant features and to give an impression of how stuff works. Proper tutorials with voice-over explanations are also planned. But for now, this is better than nothing :)

Youtube video

Can we see a run of the map? Nice that you created a level but would be cool if we could see it :D

I was never really 100% happy with OSD hotkey in my videos (old radiant). Maybe give KeyCastOW a shot

Looks a little bit more modern.

Oooh nice, will give it a go next time.. OSD hotkey is the best one I know of, but as you can see in the video, it appears quite... weird\buggy at times.. :)