Complaints about maps from other games not being here will be put on a list as description, right next to your name. A kill list, that will be sent forward in tor network once the donations hit enough bitcoins.

Okay how about 'suggestions' pornstar-slopin

You'd have to get a hold of sapro he's the only one with the right combination of knowledge and absence of morals to be able to convert Q3/ET maps to RIK.

If it's effort then not to worry, just assumed it'd be easy knowing there was a few pornstar maps. Easy copy+paste I thought.

Btw, other than the three pornstar maps, are there any others I might know from ET? or are all the other maps made specifically for RIK?

It's not hard to convert them, but it's not copy+paste level easy. You gotta decompile the Q3 bsp, then convert the Q3 map to a doom3 map format (possibly the painful part) and then "clean up" and retexture the map for RIK, and add timers etc.

As for maps you might recognize... Ive mapped a few ones from memory or in part/heavily inspired by Q3/ET ones: (i.e. none of mine are converted, and all except medium16 and medium21 are just rough copies from memory not intended to be exact or anything like that)

Dinirun2-ish I think:

One of pornstar's map, the one with the red floor and maybe some lava:

Dinirun1 (made before sapro converted the ACTUAL dinirun1):

From some ET map I can't remember the name of that I made, might have been called asdarun1 or something:

Pornstar-lambda-ish with different end:

From an ET map I made named nikerun1 or sth iirc:

From another ET map of mine, some random name iirc:

This is from Q3 (but not converted, and also by xt4zy, not by me):

Might be some more too that I'm missing

Damn, thanks dude. Couple of those do indeed look familiar, will be good for practicing my strafing.

Been strafing on Warsow for a while after leaving ET, but after coming here to no cgaz at all it's a tough transition, especially when you're focusing on using special jumps in situations that just wouldn't occur to you before.

So it's nice to get away from the RIK maps a little bit and just practice old school on a familiar map :P

There ARE some "helper" thingies though, hud_ ... err .. hud_accel maybe? :D write hud_ and press tab a couple times and look it over and give it a go..

hud_speedgraph has been the only helpful one I've found. Tricky to adjust to but getting there.

ET I could see where I had to line up, with this one you have to guesstimate and then adjust accordingly. Will get it in the end :P

Have just noticed a possible bug/oversight with cg_accel 1 though. When you spec someone, it continues logging their strafe quality and acceleration, so when you start playing again it's showing a mix of your stats.

Not gamebreaking thought it was worth a mention though.

with this one you have to guesstimate and then adjust accordingly

Almost as if someone did that on purpose :o