Dini-CJ (v2)

Classified as a Medium map • Uploaded June 23, 2015 by Dinius

Starts at 320 units distance, the last red one is 456 units wide and possible without prejumps. This is the same distance as the hardest one at sp1_extreme. 

Each color increases by 4 units. When there's a color change it increases by 8 units. E.g. between each green there is a 4 unit difference. But between the last green and the first blue one, there is a 8 unit difference, then each blue has 4 unit differences again. 

The differences are different for the last few hardest ones. There is a 8 unit skip from the first red one to the 2nd one. There are also some 8 unit skips with the orange pads.

  • The top pads go from 457 to 470, increasing 1 unit in distance per pad.
  • The hardest red one is 456 units
  • The hardest general recommended distance is 444 units (first red one)

Download the mapsource below if you want to look at other distances. (Login required)

v2: fixed the distances for the top pads. Added numbers. Everything else is the same :)

Youtube video

Older versions..

dini-cj (v1)