Gymnasium (v6)

Classified as a Hard map • Uploaded November 16, 2015 by Dinius

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Intended as a level for practicing different types of movement. The jumps are relatively hard, intended at a skill level where if you can do them, you can also set pretty decent times in normal runs. Hence, practicing them will improve your times in normal run maps...

NOT intended as a tutorial map!

For those who this doesn't count as practice for, it's a long and somewhat hard run :)

v4: Probably the final version (as far as adding new stages go), at least for now. There's 4 stages for each section, NOT sorted by difficulty. :)

v5: fixed a few visual bugs. Styled a few things to make them stand out more. Made tech 4 a tiny bit easier, made strafe 4 a bit easier too.

v6: Styled the HJ pads a bit better. Some styling for the start room sections. Made strafe 4 a bit easier, was never supposed to be as hard as it got. Now you can land more to the right on the ice if you want more of a challenge, and the other way around. :)

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