New levels by Flame and Suburb

Flame just released the second level created by someone not involved in the development of RIK, then Suburb released the third one shortly afterwards! :mrgreen:





The first non-devteam-level was released by Mindi a little over a month ago:



Posted June 04, 2015

New update

Just pushed out a new server + client update. So you gotta update your clients. E.g. chat appears weird or buggy if you haven't updated your client. The new version is 1219, you can see it in the top right corner of the console. To update, simply connect via the Play page, or run RIKlauncher manually :)

Pending any critical bugs or alike in the new update, I'll be spending the next few days putting up a sort of a "development tracker" here, so everyone can keep track of development, submit bugs or feature requests, and have fully detailed changelogs and so on. As it is, I have no proper changelog list to give out. Below are some quick things I can think of off the top of my head, there's around 200 things in addition to these:

  • No more "high ping detected" type of messages. Some other things have been implemented for this, and some other more sophisticated things is also very high up on the todo list at the moment.
  • Console commands work more like people are used to now. Anything with a / in front of it will be handled as some sort of command, or else it won't print anything. While if you don't have a slash in front of it, it works like a chat field :)
  • You can crouchslide on downwards slopes now
  • You now need to be in a run to do a crouchslide or a sloperun
  • Fixed bug with loading and reversed runtypes
  • You have aircontrol while using W and having less than 100 speed.
  • A/D aircontrol doesn't do accel up to 100 any more
  • Run lengths in the stats were bugged as it was, they have set to 0 for existing records. For new records they should make sense now.
  • Not allowed to save inside run triggers. (start/stop etc, this would cause you to have to respawn before)
  • Run event sounds should play now. (When you set a new personal best, or a global #1, etc)
  • Run related sounds should also work when you're spectating someone now.
  • Fixed the bug where you could start a powerjump, load and then do the actual powerjump to get a better start. If anyone aside from asda was able to figure this one out, feel free to be honest and tell me. I could go around and check if anyone suddenly got a boost in their start speeds for some records, but I doubt I'll bother to spend the time needed for that.. It's a beta, shit happens. :)
  • That enumprocesses bug should also be fixed in this release.
  • SDL was also updated to the newest 1.x release, let me know if anyone has any issues with input or alike they didn't have before. Update to SDL 2.x is on the todo list but I haven't bothered with it yet.
  • RIKmap was updated with some better quickcompile support.
  • Some vote bugs have been fixed, most notably the random vote and the server autovote should be fixed now. I'll expand further on the random command in the near future, so you can simply get a random selection of maps to chose from, or a random "easy" map for example.
  • Not allowed to set records with noobmode. (Fixed bug where you could turn it off before the end trigger and still set a time).
  • Chat color changed to be more visible in the console.
  • Also added "hud_verticalAngle 1" to show vertical angle of the view, useful for plasma stuff
  • And yeah, that's pretty much what I had available at the top of my head... :p

Note that the bugs with record messages, like messing up who has #1 and such, are NOT fixed yet. Same goes for the occasional checkpoint-time-mess-up. These bugs WILL of course be fixed, but I haven't gotten that far yet, and I wanted to get this update out :)

+ A thanks to asda for finding most of the critical bugs (and more than a few others) fixed in this release :star:

So yeah.. In addition to the development thingamajig, I'll try to put out a couple new maps soon as well, and I know Piercy is closing in with his surf map (and another one) :)

Posted June 03, 2015

Some more updates

Working on fixing misc bugs and alike at the moment. Will be a new update in a couple days, if not sooner :)

After that I'll also put up a sort of a development/bugtracker, so it's a bit easier for everyone to keep track of everything :)

Posted May 31, 2015

Open beta released!

RIK is now in open beta! :mrgreen:

Download it here:

The installer will always install the newest files. You can launch the game from the play page to connect to online servers. When you do that it will check for updates to the game automatically before actually connecting.

Please post any bugs and issues you encounter here at the forums for the time being!

Also, remember, it IS a beta, things are not finished. That includes everything, even physics. :)

Below is a rough layout of our plans for the future. One important thing to be aware of with the current release, is that there is no UI, you'll need to use the console.

Side note: You can press N ingame to enable "noobmode". This accelerates automatically while holding W. Will give people not experienced with strafing a chance to test it a bit "better" as well.

Posted May 29, 2015

Final alpha released

The final alpha was just released. Still 'private', if you want it get a hold of me on Skype or IRC or something, or PM me here.. :)

Assuming it goes relatively painlessly, without any serious bugs, we're going public beta in a day or two! :)

Posted May 24, 2015