Version 1242 and > 10k records

We passed 10000 records set today! :)

As for the update, there's a lot of misc stuff in this one. A lil summary:

  • You see the non-wasd keys by the crosshair when spectating.
  • Proper/advanced pushes! (i.e. jumppads and alike)
  • Some nice stuff like jump speed history, and speed graph. Both of these are pretty much in a temporary state, until I figure out some nice way of displaying them, or something along those lines.
  • Shared ranks for identical times have been enabled.
  • Some additions to the ingame scores (your own time if you're not in top10, and the average time)
  • Fixed some minor walljump bugs.


And of course, some new levels have been released since last time! :)Image

Posted July 08, 2015

Player stats

Check it out:

Still some tweaks etc to be done :)

Posted July 05, 2015

Version 1237

Most notably, the multi-pad-crouchslide is back (was possible in some early alpha versions). The compiler has had some bugs fixed, and should perform better now. Check out the changelog for more info on that.

There's also been some changes to the website. You can view records for older versions of levels. Have a look here for an example. Also, all the levels now have difficulty ratings, like this. I'll incorporate that stuff in the vote map random command soon as well :)

And when you finish a run, it'll save a copy of that demo now. At the moment it does this after you load. And so on.. :)

Posted July 01, 2015

Version 1235 and starting circuit

Mostly some misc fixes in this release. The improved trigger handling should help a lot when playing with high ping, for the cases where e.g. a checkpoint wouldn't register. There's also some very experimental code for the shootpoint prediction, this will be cleaned up / improved relatively soon. See the changelog for more details :)

+ Good news! I'm starting work on the circuit gametype now!

Read more about circuit here:

And as often is the case, we've had some new levels! There was a 10 day streak going there with one or more level updates every day, nice!:mrgreen: Sooo while I work on the circuit stuff I expect you guys to beat that streak! (zad, di3s, stealth, pcpie, piercy, mindi, ronsu, haber, adam, xt4zy, I'm looking at you! >:D I'd look at huPo too but he'll probably just stare back).Image

Posted June 27, 2015

Version 1232

A lot of files to update this time (158 or so). Updated some shader+texture files etc. Only takes like 10 seconds to download anyways so no big deal. 1231 is just a fix of the text.shader file :)

And a respawn bug fixed in 1232.. :)

Posted June 23, 2015