CDN issues

The CDN is having some problems. They're working on it, I'm not sure when it'll be resolved. This means some people in certain locations won't be able to update. The only affected place I know of so far is the Netherlands region, but might affect others too. When the new development system is up I'll add a fix so this won't happen again, but for now you'll have to do a "manual" update if you wanna be able to play.. :)

Posted June 10, 2015

Version 1224

A very small update, pretty much just some fixes for the incorrect checkpoint time printouts and such. I'm not 100% confident it's all in order yet, but I haven't been able to reproduce any problems in my local tests with the current version. So if you encounter some incorrect printouts or alike, let me know, and preferably include some info as to what you did before it printed incorrect stuff :)

Also a minor update to RIKdev and some shaders :)

Posted June 10, 2015

Version 1222 and a bunch of levels

Just pushed out version 1222, pretty much just minor fixes from 1220.. Some of the stuff fixed:

  • A client-crash bug due to some characters in chat.
  • Checkpoint-teleporters work when not in a run as well.
  • Don't show the "respawn" message when teleporting.
  • Fixed "main menu" exit button and allow ESC to be used to open console when not connected as well.
  • Fixed problem when going "free-mode" spectator after following someone, where you'd get some random view angles.
  • Allow noclipping and loading when doing reversed runs.
  • Fixed some flickering for shootpoints where they'd overlap with other surfaces.
  • Adjusted the vsync warning a bit.

And the last day has been amazing as far as mapping activity goes. Great work people, keep it up! ;)


Posted June 08, 2015


Uploaded some mapsources, for reference :)

Click here to download the mapsources

Includes easy1, easy2, easy18, hard3, medium1, surf4, piercy-ethos, and piercy-strafe-tribute. :)

Posted June 06, 2015

Update: version 1220

Just pushed out a small update. Some minor bugfixes here and there, like "+cmd_saveload" and the chat from console that didn't work after the previous update. Added support for "teleport-checkpoints" used in Piercy's new level:



And some "selfvertising":


Posted June 06, 2015